Short Master in Sustainable Micro Mobility Design

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Ender Viana

Ender Viana

Short Master in Sustainable Micro Mobility Design

  • Modalidad de impartición
    La modalidad de impartición de este curso es presencial.
  • Número de horas
    4 meses dura el programa de estudios del Short Master in Sustainable Micro Mobility Design.
  • Titulación oficial
    El Instituto Numen emite el certificado oficial de estudios al concluir el curso.
  • Valoración del programa
    El Istituto Numen ofrece el curso denominado: Short Master in Sustainable Micro Mobility Design, con la con la finalidad de brindarle a los estudiantes las capacidades fundamentales para crear novedosos diseños de equipos de micromovilidad. El cronograma de estudios elaborado especialmente para este curso incentiva a los estudiantes a la ideación inicial, refinación y presentación de diseños, así como también al desarrollo de conceptos sustentables de la mano de la empresa Mobismart.
  • Dirigido a
    Este plan de estudio fue ideado para profesionales y estudiantes del mundo del diseño que deseen orientar su profesión hacia el área del transporte.
  • Empleabilidad
    Los diseñadores de esta área pueden liderar departamentos creativos en empresas dedicadas a la micromovilidad.

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  • Contenido
    Short Master in Sustainable Micro Mobility Design.

    • Frequence | 2 days
    • Duration: 4 months 
    • Time | 14.30 – 17.30 | 18.00 – 21.00
    • Total training | 130 [lectures and workshops with professionals]

    With the sustainability revolution humanity is experiencing nowadays, and is getting boosted by climate change challenges, the innovation industry is dramatically changing by placing echo-friendly solutions right in the heart of the design process.

    Due to these facts, the mini-transport means like scooters, bicycles and micro-cars, also known as The Last Mile Vehicles, are rapidly growing in demand during the last 10 years, hence the demand for experts specifically specialized in this field is growing.

    Due to the lack of education courses that help prepare designers for this shift, our short master proposed plays a role as a complimentary to an industrial, transportation or product design field. Our professionals specialized in vehicle design and mobile architecture will support students from the development process to the design, from market and technological research to concept development, to the final realization of prototypes using 3D printing and in partnership with the pioneer Mobismart company in the field of electric vehicles rental and sale.


    Designers graduating from this short course will receive diplomas and recognition, and will have higher chances in working for companies that are shaping the future of mobility. This degree will express their expertise in delivering a full project that will allow them to work with big corporates companies or/and young startups.

    Study Plan.


    The most crucial part of innovation is enriching the students knowledge of all the technological advancements happening in the world in order to find the right insights and be prepared for create inspiring and outstanding ideas.

    a. Renewable energy (Solar system, wind energy, hydrogen fuel-cell, etc.)
    b. Smart cities (Communications, data driven innovation, AI etc.)
    c. Vision in systems (Sustainable ecosystems, collective benefit, social awareness )

    Concept development in partnership with the Mobismart company.

    Design of the best micromobility tools in terms of design, safety, comfort, portability and value for money declined in several types identified based on the satisfaction of the different needs of potential users and taking into account the regulations in force

    The Process will be divided into three parts:

    a. Sketching and initial ideation
    b. Design refinement
    c. Rendering and presentation

    3D modeling and printing

    Theoretical and practical knowledge of the various techniques and technologies of modeling and rapid prototyping through 3D printers, modern industrial and creative design tools.

    a. Subtractive technology and process

    b. 3D modeling for design 

    c. Additive technology and process (3D printers)

    d. Creation process of an object

    e. Design for 3D printing (slicing and supports FDM/SLA)

    f. 3D print process

    Final step.

    Involves the creation of a physical model, supported by renderings and presentations to the master’s commission made up of professionals and partner companies.

    Acess Mode

    Graduates of industrial design, architecture and engineering courses, or technicians and professionals with years of experience, that wish to have a more deep and profound understanding of the transportation system of the future.

    Exam and Certification:

    Students will take final exams exposing their own projects  to obtain final evaluation and the professional certificate.

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