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Master in Arts and Culture Management - Online
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Rome Business School

Master in Arts and Culture Management - Online

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Nadia Bacco
Master in Arts and Culture Management
  • Modalidad de impartición

    El Master in Arts and Culture Management se dicta de forma online y part-time.

  • Número de horas

    El Máster se lleva a cabo en un año.

  • Titulación oficial

    Quienes egresan reciben el Master in Arts and Culture Management.

  • Valoración del Programa

    El Master in Arts and Culture Management de Rome Business School es un programa diseñado con el objetivo de obtener competencias de clase mundial y desarrollar una carrera global exitosa en los campos de las artes y la cultura.

    El temario incluye temas como recaudación para arte y cultura, organización de eventos especiales, marketing cultural, gestión y herramientas del sector, así como la posibilidad de asistir a conferencias y eventos relacionados.

  • Dirigido a

    La formación se dirige a graduados o profesionales del arte en general (pintura, escultura, fotografía) así como del sector patrimonial relacionado a la cultura (museología, bibliotecarios, curadores.)

  • Empleabilidad

    Las posibilidades de emplearse tras adquirir el Master in Arts and Culture Management son amplias, pudiendo ocupar sectores relacionados a la gestión cultural, la protección de patrimonios, la organización de eventos culturales, y la gestión de colecciones o galerías privadas de arte, entre otros.

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Master in Arts and Culture Management - Online Comentarios sobre Master in Arts and Culture Management - Online
Master in Arts and Culture Management.

Rome Business School's Online Master in Arts and Culture Management is an exclusive program designed for motivated international participants that aims to gain world-class skills and develop a successful global career in the field of arts and culture. Participants will receive advanced managerial skills, anchored in the international context, thus becoming ready to excel as modern cultural managers and innovative leaders in the field of creative industries.

Students interested in taking part in this Master are generally:

• Professional interested in directing and managing creative organizations operating in the performing arts (dance, live music, opera, theater, musical theater, performance art etc.), visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography etc.), cultural sectors (museums , archaeological sites, libraries, exhibitions etc.), new media (software, video games etc.) and fields of communication and entertainment (films, music, publishing, radio and television); 

• Marketing and communication professionals who wish to improve their knowledge in the artistic and cultural fields; 

• Managers working in a variety of professional environments who wish to improve their skills in the cultural and creative industries; 

• Entrepreneurs who want to start a business related to the arts and culture or increase their knowledge and improve the results of existing organizations


The Master aims to introduce and develop an understanding of cultural management concepts, principles, tools and techniques and to highlight how to deal with current issues in the field of culture and the arts. In addition, the program will provide professionals with analytical and management tools that will help them design effective management strategies during the organization of cultural events, the management of cultural institutions, galleries, theater museums, as well as the understanding of the film and fiction sector and web series management, while understanding the expenditure and affairs of the arts and culture industry. 

Thanks to this master, we offer: 

1. Multicultural classes: students from over 150 countries.

2. International career services

3. International period - Optional 
Option 1: in Barcelona at EAE Business School. (1200 + VAT) 
Option 2: in Rome at the Rome Business School (INCLUDED FOR ONLINE STUDENTS)

4. Employment rate of 96%. Some of the companies involved where our students were placed: Adecco, AdSala, Amplifon, Brembo, World Food Program, Nova Talent, Bioversity International, Eataly, Groupama Assicurazioni, Radisson Hotel Group, Spot ofminds, Vueling Airlines, Yellow Square, Italconsult Spa , Kelly Services, Dress X Success, Manpower Group, Jaguar and Land Rover, Atrain, Mercer, Tateossian.

5. Soft Skill Program 

6. Cultural Program 

7. Discussions and Meetups The online formula provided for this master allows students to follow lessons from anywhere in the world. It gives the possibility to those who are not available to be physically in the classroom, to attend the master and benefit from all the teachings and networking activities provided by the program. The flexibility of online programs allows students to continue working without giving up academic credentials."


Our programs are characterized by the respect of the highest quality standards: in fact, four of our masters have been officially recognized by the Ranking Eduniversal 2019 as among the best globally. In addition, students who successfully complete the program will receive a double diploma: the diploma of achievement of the Master Rome Business School and the certification by the Universidad Internacional de Valencia (VIU), which provides 60 internationally recognized ECTS credits.


Thanks to this Master, you will be able to: 

1. Develop managerial skills to manage art and culture in a practical way.
2. Understand and use the tools and techniques of marketing and communication applied in the cultural and artistic field;
3. Understand and manage various financial aspects related to cultural activities in the global economy;
4. Understand and appreciate human resource management for creative industries, especially when it comes to volunteers;
5. Understand and apply different project management techniques for managerial activities related to culture;
6. Recognize the characteristics of the main artistic and cultural activities and develop effective management strategies;
7. Develop creative and innovative thinking in the management of the arts and culture sector
8. Develop an ethical and socially responsible mentality when conducting an activity in the arts sector
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