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Master Course in Graphic Design

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Nadia Bacco

Nadia Bacco

Master Course in Graphic Design

  • Modalidad de impartición
    El Master Course in Graphic Design se lleva a cabo en forma presencial.
  • Número de horas
    La duración del programa es de diez meses.
  • Titulación oficial
    IED brinda a los egresados el Master Course in Graphic Design.
  • Valoración del programa
    Este programa de IED combina el estudio teórico con prácticas para desarrollar habilidades profesionales dentro del sector del diseño gráfico. De esta manera, se dictan conocimientos sobre cultura de proyecto, comunicación, historia del diseño, y metodología de investigación, entre otros.
  • Dirigido a
    El Máster en Diseño Gráfico es ideal para graduados y profesionales de campos vinculados a la publicidad, el diseño digital, y las comunicaciones, entre otros.
  • Empleabilidad
    Al adquirir una formación de posgrado, el egresado podrá trabajar en puestos ejecutivos o gerenciales, así como liderar sectores o empresas relacionadas al diseño de piezas gráficas y digitales.

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  • Contenido
    Master Course in Graphic Design .


    Start date : November
    Duration : 10 months
    Attendance : part-time
    Language : Italian

    The graphic design field is constantly developing. The professional areas and their specializations, the communication market and the companies work in, rise and evolve are speedly changing, as well as the technological scenario.

    The Master trains professionals able to properly manage a team, effective in managing an integrated work flow. A professional who can build, manage and finalize a visual communication project: from strategy, to concept, up to the most correct realization for press or social media.

    Career Opportunities - This profession is not limited to a group of hyper-specialized people subject to the reference media; people working on the design project come from different contests and backgrounds, work in an integrated way in terms of exchange and cooperation, express the different skills according to a strategic cooperation plan and in view of a common project.

    Description .

    Target  - As a matter of fact, the Master course is addressed to all those who studied communication, graphics and design and are looking for an advanced training to work in the field of graphics with ability and professionalism.

    Methedology and structure  - The Master course - with its 10-month duration, 7 months in classroom plus 3 for internship/field project, and part time attendance - trains professionals in the communication field by developing managerial skills and a project culture rooted in the design history. But, most of all, it provides a method, a structure, and a process organized in a managerial way.

    The Master consists of three steps. The first step is aimed at acquiring the knowledge concerning the communication project culture, at strengthening the technical-instrumental skills, and at developing the basic research through a frontal teaching methodology, guided project lab and individual study. The teaching is assigned to experts and professionals.

    The second step of the pathway aims at managing the communication project in all its steps and takes place in collaboration with companies and/or external organizations.

    The last step of the Master course includes the internship/field project. Internships are realized as individual work periods - in Italy or abroad – in one of the companies collaborating with IED. They last at least 3 months and allow the students to apply the developed tools and knowledge in a concrete experience by measuring with the professional procedure.

    Alternatively to the internship, the students can be involved in a Field Project. It consists of a consultancy/cooperation project realized by a group of students led by a teacher who acts as project tutor, and lasts at least 3 months. The teacher supports the team during the management of the relationships with the company-customer, during the project development and during the final realization and presentation of the results to the company as in a real professional context.

    In the previous editions, students' projects have been developed in collaboration with: Fiat, Ferrero, Speedo, BMW, Nivea, Vodafone, RCS Sport, Garmin, ENI, Unipol, Heineken, Cantine Ferrari.
    The faculty comprises experts and professionals with the ability to teach applied skills and a constant stream of innovation. Each individual course is run in direct contact with and supported by companies operating in the fields in question.

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