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Fashion Marketing - Fall Semester
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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Florencia

Fashion Marketing - Fall Semester - Florencia - Italia

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Luciana Consiglio
Fashion Marketing - Fall Semester
  • Modalidad de impartición

    El programa se imparte en modalidad presencial.

  • Número de horas

    La duración del curso es de 15 semanas.

  • Titulación oficial

    El estudiante es reconocido con un certificado expedido por el IED.

  • Valoración del Programa

    El IED ofrece el curso Fashion Marketing, una introducción a la industria de la moda y el diseño, donde los estudiantes adquirirán herramientas que les serán de gran utilidad a la hora de desempeñarse profesionalmente.
    También tendrán contacto con profesionales del área que les compartirán sus experiencias y consejos para aprovechar de la mejor manera los recursos con los que contarán al finalizar la cursada. De esta manera, se convertirán en profesionales capaces de elaborar estrategias competitivas, llamativas, creativas gracias al enorme conocimiento del mercado y la industria con que contarán.

  • Precio del curso

    Contactar a la institución por consultas sobre el precio.

  • Dirigido a

    El curso está abierto a personas apasionadas por la moda que deseen fortalecer sus herramientas de marketing.

  • Empleabilidad

    Los participantes de la propuesta podrán ejercer profesionalmente en el sector de marketing de diversos tipos de emprendimiento de la industria de la moda.

Fashion Marketing - Fall Semester - Florencia - Italia Comentarios sobre Fashion Marketing - Fall Semester - Florencia - Italia
Fashion Marketing - Fall Semester  . 

Semestral Course - Florence. 

Start date  : September 
Duration  : 15 weeks 
Attendance  : full-time 
Language  : English 

The Fashion Marketing semester program at IED Florence are a unique, focused and practical introduction to the fashion industry and the central role of communication. This theme is developed through the courses offered, the companies chosen for collaborations and the project that concludes the semester. 

The IED approach offers students the unique opportunity to work directly with industry professionals as part of their academic experience and professional development thanks to long-standing relationships with Italian fashion and design industry leaders. 

Central to this didactic philosophy of involving professionals and industry, The IED Florence Fashion Marketing semester program has partnered with LUISAVIAROMA of Florence, is a premier e-Commerce luxury clothing retailer of the world’s most important designers. 

Description  . 

The Fashion Marketing semester program focus is developed through the courses offered, the companies chosen for collaborations and the project that concludes the semester. Important courses and topics such as branding and fashion marketing, which are the bases for the creation of effective and strategic marketing plans, coherent brand philosophy and image construction and ultimately good sales will be thoroughly covered in the classroom as well as utilized in student project work and presentations. 

Fashion Marketing course Highlight: Fashion Marketing “Ken Scott Study” - The 2011 class project was an analysis of the Ken Scott brand. Students prepared and presented a re-launch of the brand. As part of the project, students met with a designer from Ken Scott, had access to the company archives and gave their final presentations for a member of the Ken Scott international marketing team. 

This Fahion Marketing semester program is open to current students, graduates and professionals seeking to define or acquire new skills and perspective. IED is able to provide further information regarding course content, facilities and faculty upon request. IED facilitates students spending a semester or academic year abroad by facilitating credit transfer in collaboration with the student’s home institution. 

Subjects  . 

Academic Program  . 

Communication And Advertising  . 
Prerequisites: Fashion Communication, Communication basics or equivalent The role of advertising in communication strategies; study of types of advertisement, media and message and how they combine into cohesive communication for fashion companies and products. 

Digital Communication I
The opportunities offered by new information technologies and communication have brought to a convergence of media of telecommunications and of information regarding fashion projects. 

Fashion Events  . 
The course will cover step by step how to organize a fashion event. We will analyze all the stakeholders that part of a complex net of interests involved in such events: the artists, press and media, sponsors, public institutions, general public, the team, etc. 
We will also cover an essential point on an organization event company: the human aspect- the people, it’s leadership, decision making, the team cohesion, etc. 

Fashion Marketing I  . 
The course offers the basics of marketing in both theoretical and technical terms. From theories and strategies to aid comprehension of commercial contexts to the role of advertising businesses in the establishment of a fashion brand. 

Semiotics For Fashion
The course concentrates on clothing and its expressive and semiotic components, including how it is represented in different systems. Fashion is interpreted as a story regulated by a specific code that makes it different from every other phenomenon of communications. 

Trend Forecasting  . 
The study of trends and their origins and predictions; based on cultural and economic factors, participants study the colors, materials and styles that are upcoming and relevant to the renewal of fahion. 

Branding  . 
Orientation & Foundation, Brand Strategy, Brand Expression, Trends, Guidance, Brand Identity, Semiotics for Branding, Verbal Branding & Naming, Branding focus, Lovemarks, Branding the worldwide perspective, Brand Engagement.
Studying in Italy:
IED is a private institution authorized to issue certified diplomas in the schools of Advanced Artistic Studiesand offers many courses in Italy in the undergraduate division (three year program) and post graduate division (two year and Masters). In the post graduate division IED offers two – year programs and Master Courses in addition to its continuous education programs and Summer Courses.
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