About us: operates in the field of design acting as an interface between universities, companies, and professional organizations, institutions and bodies.

It develops training programmes for young graduates and professionals, as well as training programmes for companies that are closely focussed on innovation. It operates from the perspective of internationalisation, establishing partnerships of purpose with universities, schools, bodies, institutions, enterprises, and companies on a case by case basis.

The cornerstone of lies in the disciplines of design and of the related professions. This dimension of design is broader and more systematic than ever; it takes on strategic importance and contrasts not just with the product dimension, but also the dimension of communication, services, spaces, fashion, and events.

It is a flexible structure that draws on the deep reservoir of internal skills at the Politecnico di Milano. It puts advanced teaching and research methods to the test, consolidates and anticipates the professional skills needed to adapt to the new demands of a society undergoing a radical transformation, and brings the supply of training and research developed in a university context into line with the demand for innovation present in the world of production and in society., founded by Politecnico di Milano, has access to the deep reservoir of multidisciplinary skills in the first and most important technical university in Italy.

Together with the School of Design and the Department of Design, it forms the Politecnico di Milano Design System, which is a pool of resources, skills, facilities, and laboratories that is among the most important in the world. is based in Milan, a universally known and recognised international centre of excellence for design. The permanent structures, cultural institutions, fairs and showrooms, publishing industry, schools, displays, exhibitions, and events that the city has to offer are numerous and contribute to creating a culturally lively and dynamic climate that can enrich professional and training courses, providing a broader experience of design in all its most up-to-date forms, from the perspective of constant innovation.

Relations with the professional sphere are endorsed by the presence of three of the most important associations of design professionals on the board of

  • ADI Association for the Industrial Design
  • AIPi Italian Association of Interior Designers
  • AIAP Italian Association of Visual Communication Design

Studying in Milan.

Design is one of the distinguishing features of Milan and the Lombardy region. It has in some way been an integral part, a fertile element, for at least fifty years, which is why well-established figures from the world of international design, as well as hosts of young talents, come here every day from all over the world, to contribute and exchange their own ideas in the fertile process of collective innovation generation that is typical of “doing design in Milan”.

For anyone who observes this territory from a distance with curiosity and interest, design is without a doubt one of its strengths and major attractions.

Today, Milan boasts a dense network of relationships with many national and international businesses that keep their ear to the ground in Milan, and organise moments of visibility, events, and exhibitions, often making use of the design resources that are readily available here. The city has seen a visible increase in the number of design schools, associations, young people whose profession involves design, design initiatives, businesses open to design, and of the relationships between Milan and the global capitals of production of the design culture.

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