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Carrera - Bachelor Honors of Cross Media
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ERAM Crossmedia College

Carrera - Bachelor Honors of Cross Media - Girona - España

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Natália Morales
Carrera - Bachelor Honors of Cross Media
  • Modalidad de impartición

    El programa Bachelor Honors of Cross Media Master in Creativity, Design and Technology se imparte en modalidad presencial.

  • Número de horas

    Este programa tendrá una duración total de 3 años con posibilidad de extensión a 4 años, según los intereses del estudiante.

  • Titulación oficial

    Consultar en el centro acerca de la titulación ofrecida por el programa.

  • Valoración del Programa

    Este programa ha sido estructurado con el fin de adquirir capacidades para la comunicación, oral y escrita en inglés, manejando adecuadamente el vocabulario en cada área específica, siendo capaz desde allí de comprender y ser crítico con textos tanto científicos como técnicos. El estudiante tendrá la posibilidad de identificar y utilizar diferentes fuentes de información para participar en investigaciones complejas, transmitiendo eficientemente la información conseguida fijándose objetivos particulares.

  • Precio del curso

    Consultar precio.

  • Dirigido a

    Este programa está dirigido a todos aquellos estudiantes interesados en integrar estas tres áreas del conocimiento integrantes de la actividad comercial.

  • Empleabilidad

    El egresado estará en condiciones de laborar en distintas empresas proveedoras de bienes y servicios, como asesor, y en general formando parte de proyectos de diversos niveles.

Carrera - Bachelor Honors of Cross Media - Girona - España Comentarios sobre Carrera - Bachelor Honors of Cross Media - Girona - España
The competences of theMultimedia, Audiovisual and Entertainment are the “ability to”:

> Communicate, orally and written in English using the appropriate terminology in each subject area.

> Read, understand and comment scientific and technical texts.

> Identify and utilize sources of information and organize complex research.

> Select, evaluate and use the most appropriate information and communication
technologies for each context.

> Transmit information efficiently, depending on particular objectives, from various sources and formats

School: ERAM Cross Media College Method: At the institution Location: Gerona (Spain) and UK Type: Bachelor Course fee: Enrollment Fee 1500 €, Tuition fee 4080 €, Third year (8.500-9.000 pounds)

BA requirements for admission are: The application form that student can download from the web or fill in on-line. - Certified copy of official Secondary School and Academic transcript. - A competent English working knowledge. - Purpose or Motivation letter. - Bank statement - Copy of the passport + 2 passport photographs - On-line/PDF portfolio.

English Language Requirements The following test specifies the English language competence for academic studying required: - B-2.1 or IELTS: Minimum 6.0 or - TOEFL: (paper based)-minimum 550 or - TOEFL: (computer based)-minimum 213 or - TOEFL: (internet based)-minimum 80 or - GCE: C or GCSE: C or FCE: A or CPE: C or CAE: C or SAT: 510 or ACT: 21 or APIEL: 3 or EAP: C or GMAT: 600 or ELPtT: 956 or GPA: 3 or IB English Language: 5. If the applicant has reached a good English level, but has not met these certifications, ERAM College may conduct an English exam to evaluate the applicant’s performance.

Scholarships Every year ERAM offers one for full tuition fee to a contest winner and one for half tuition fee. Applications are treaded on a case by case basis.

Accommodation The school is located in Salt, an area where finding a reasonable priced accommodation is quite easy. ERAM College supports students in during this procedure.

Students Visas European students

Citizens from the European Union do not need a visa for Spain, just a valid Identification Card or passport is needed.

Non - European students

Students of all Non-European countries will require a visa if they wish to remain in Spain longer than 90 days. The visa is processed in your country of residence prior to your departure. You cannot get the visa in Spain, and you cannot have it sent to you. The visa is affixed in your passport before you departure, and must be presented to the border officials upon your entry in Spain. Since visas cannot be issued in Spain, if you come to Spain with a tourist visa and decide to enrol in a course here, you must return to your home country to get another visa. It is unlikely that the residency process can begin with a tourist visa only.


First Year

First year is about exploring ideas, develop creative capacities, learn the fundamentals through a range of media and processes provide a solid basis for a global and critical understanding of cultural and social reality and gain design-thinking capacities.

Second Year

Understanding and applying software for design, interactive design, sound and digital video, integrating digital content into interactive applications, learning how certain programs works as well as hardware components and network structures and also learning animation with characters and scenarios are just some of the learning outcomes.

At this level students specialize the tools and techniques for cross media production. The maturity and self-awareness allows students to chose and develop a personal career path.

Third Year

Takes place in the UK University where students can choose their speciality through a Final Project. Putting in practice all the knowledge acquired during the previous years is required to drive and manage a project, with the help of different professors, consultants and professionals, treating it like a real professional experience of their future activity.

Forth Year (Optional)

If students choose to return to ERAM after their graduation and have the opportunity to attend an additional year either in the Spanish ERAM course or in our affiliated University in China or in another University in the EUA and therefore getting a double degree in Multimedia and Audiovisual. This year focuses on a deeper approach on multimedia and audiovisual developing the skills to be able to work in more complex projects.

Course description in Cross Media Studies

Degree: Multimedia, Audiovisual or Design (Northampton university)

Credits: 180 ECTS (UK degree)

3 years = 2 SPAIN+1UK


Induction week: Visual Biography

Module 1:
Research & critical thinking capacities. 18 ECTS

Audiovisual languages (3)

Media analysis: media audiences / media sociology / media interaction / new media technologies (4)

Media and audiovisual communication (3)

Semiotics (Theory and analysis of communication and images) (2)

Culture trends (2)

Design thinking & Conceptual thinking (2)

Storytelling (2)

Module 2: Tools (Technical skills). 22 ECTS

Editing, theory and technique (4)

Digital sound design (4)

Audiovisual technologies (2)

Computer skills (Digital image processing / Vector drawing platforms) (4)

Cameras and lighting operation (4)

Foundation (4)

Module 3: Communication & strategic creativity. 12 ECTS

Graphic design (2)

Typography (2)

Digital Photography (2)

Creativity: methodology and techniques (2)

Creativity: processes and implementation (2)

Communication Skills (2)

Module 4: Practical projects. 8 ECTS / Interdisciplinary approach

Project methodology (4)

Project management and production (4)


Students, depending on their specific interests and in co-ordination with their tutor, start to create their path choosing within the subject offers, although some classes are still compulsory.

During this year, they also become progressively more independent and start to build up the portfolio that will reflect the professional context where they wish to practice in.

Module 1 : Research & critical thinking capacities. Workshops 15 ECTS

Marketing techniques (2)

Management and production (2)

Way finding (2)

Usability (2)

Information Design & Visualizing Data (3)

Systems & Information Design (2)

One of the following as optional:

Electronic Digital Application (2) / Ads production (2) / E-Marketing (2) / Virtual cultures (2)

Module 2: Tools &Technical skills 18ECTS

Vector animation platforms (2)

Programming languages (4)

Web technologies and design (3)

Interactive design (2)

Interactive content (2)

Interactive editing (2)

One of the following as optional: Multimedia scripts (3) / Video graphic scripts (3) / Multimedia technologies (3)

Module 3: Communication & strategic creativity: 16 ECTS

Postproduction (4)

Screenwriting (4)

Brand and Image identity design (3)

One of the following as optional:

New media technologies (2) / Emotive Type (2) / Integrated Print & Electronic production (2) / Digital

cinematography (2) / Digital Publication (2) / Dimensional graphics. (2) / Digital Photography (2)

Module 4: Practical projects 12 ECTS

Personal development project (4)

Cross Media Design project (4)

One of the following as optional:

Producing Audiovisual project: Film, Television or Commercial (4) /Producing multimedia project (4) / Visual

Identity project (4)


UK year in Lincoln University or Northampton University. Getting an official BA degree in the option you chose:
Contemporary Lens Media (Lincoln University): Two modules: Major Project 1 & 2(Exhibition and Portfolio), and Independent Study: Dissertation

Graphic Communication (Northampton University): Students will undertake a major self-set assignment, alongside a mix of other staff-set, industry and competition briefs. Students will have a stronger ownership of their own work, and be able to negotiate the content of their portfolio. The design dissertation is competed with tutorial and workshop supervision.

Interactive Design (Lincoln University): Three modules: Interactive Design 3, Interactive Design 4 and Independent Study Dissertation.

Media Production (Northampton University): Students work independently on their own project, as well as within a major group project, and complete a dissertation. Thus their practical and theoretical skills are brought together to produce a substantial portfolio of professional standard work.

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